The purpose of this project is to visually communicate open data about wind turbines in Denmark in an accessible way. The map and most of the figures on the statistics page are updated every month when the underlying data is updated - more about data sources below.

The project is made by Bo Tranberg, Kim Tranberg and David Michalco. Please let us know if you have any feedback or know of more data sources we can include. You can shout at Bo on Twitter.


All visualizations are based on open data. The main source of data is "The Master Data Register of Wind Turbines" published and maintained by The Danish Energy Agency.

About the data register:

The Master Data Register of Wind Turbines is a national database which contains all Danish power producing wind turbines > 6 kW. The Register has information on location, technical specifications and output for each wind turbine.

On frequency of updating:

The Danish Energy Agency (DEA) updates the Register’s data once a month in conformity with data extracts from the power distribution companies. Monthly data are available on the DEA’s website with approximately one month’s delay.


Information and data on future offshore projects by the Danish Energy Agency can be found here and here.

To calculate distances from turbines to addresses we use the official API for addresses in Denmark.

Production data to calculate capacity factors with high temporal resolution is obtained from the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform.

The monthly and annual energy statistics by the Danish Energy Agency are used to calculate the share of wind power of the total electricity generation.